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Eric Minns was born in Nassau, Bahamas. He started a show-business career as half of the comedy team BILL and SAM, which played most of the local nightspots at the time. Branching out as a musician-singer he started writing songs, mainly with other singers in mind, though he has recorded some of his own songs.

Eric’s first hit song in the Bahamas was King Eric and His Knights’ recording of FOX-HILL GAL, which came out of the admiration that both Erics had for each other. It became an instant hit and won 3 Thimothy Awards in 1976, for best calypso song, calypso group, and song writer. 
Sir Clement Maynard, Former Minister of Tourism wrote the following foreword for Eric Minn’s Song book:
“Mr. Minns comes from a well-known island family whose roots and heritage are deep in the Bahamian tradition of cultural activity. His melodic songs will tell you more about The Bahamas than many a travel guide. 
In listening to and enjoying his songs, I have found him to possess unusual ability to create both past and present Bahamian experiences quite vividly. Eric has done much to capture the spirit of The Bahamas in his songs, which fully grasp our cultural awakening. His efforts help preserve in words and music the haunting beauty of the islands and the joyous, earthy humour and naturally colourful expression of grassroot Bahamians.”

1976 song - Fox Hill Gal (3 Timothy Awards: top calypso song, group and writer)
1977 song - Island Boy (title song from King Eric's album)
1978 song - Take the Man from Out of the Island
1979 Song book - Seven Hit Songs of the Bahamas
1980 first novel - Island Boy
1981 song - If You Can't find Ya Friends In Nassau (they're in Freeport or in jail) - Sonny Johnson
1982 song  - Back to the Family Islands
1983 song - Once Is Not Enough
song - Thank Goodness It's Friday
first album - Songs of the Bahamas
1984 original Bahamian musical - Island Boy
song - Get a Taste of the Islands
1985 first play - Rev
1986 song - Headache and Flu
1987 song - I'm Coming Home for Junkanoo This Year
second album - Christmas In the Bahamas
1990 third album - Columbus Day (produced for Quincentennial Celebration for 1992)
1991 acting lessons (O'Leary School of Drama - Toronto)
1992 song - We're Gonna Go to Santo Domingo (for Quincentennial flyout to Dominican Republic)
1993 original Bahamian musical - Happy Birthday Columbus
song - Island Boy featured in the Walt Disney movie My Father the Hero
1994 song - If You Can't Find your Friends In Nassau used in Dundas Theatre production of Susan Wallace's play Single Seven
1996 song - Buy Bahamian
1997 art exhibition of Historic Bahamian buildings in pen and ink
song - Let's go Junkanoo
Smithsonian recording of You Ain't Hurryin' Me - Dicey Dohs
1998 song - Pinder What ya Doin' Here - Dry Bread
1999 second printing - novel -  Island Boy
2000 Barabas features Fox Hill Gal in New Years Junkanoo parade
2001 song - Ol' Sayings - Ronnie Butler
2002 Released CD (21 Bahamian Calypso Classics) Words & Music by Eric Minns
2003 Inducted into Love 97 FM Radio's Hall of Fame. see photos
songs - "Sunday Christian" and "How Junkanoo Began"
pen and ink drawing of St-Matthews Anglican Church, used as artwork for "First Day Cover" of St-Mathews
postage stamp series, honoring their 200th anniversary.
song "Sunday Christian" ranked No. 13 on Island FM Radio's Most requested song.
2004 Cacique Award for Creative Arts by Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Released CD (Sunday Christian) November 2004
Appears in Bahamian Legends - Volume 1 -2004 published by Jones Communications Int'l Ltd.
2005 second novel - Who killed Sir Harry?  (See Press Release)
song - Who killed Sir Harry? 
2007 book - Did Ya hear the one about the guy from Spanish Wells - hundreds of the bet Spanish Wells jokes you ever heard
2008 book - Did Ya hear the one about the guy from Spanish Wells - Volume II
Song book - Songs of the Bahamas - Music and Lyrics
CD compilation: Christmas in The Bahamas
2009 book - You know you're getting old when...
BIFF (Bahamas International Film Festival) - 2 movies used my music; the films were: "CHILDREN OF GOD" and "FREE SWIM"
2010 Art Show (see Photo Gallery)
2011 book - Things that puzzle me
songs - "Pirates still here" (See Youtube) and "Bahamian Gal"
2012 song - How Rake & Scrape Began (Watch on YouTube)
2013 song - (Christmas) Shopping in Miami
2014 ISLAND BOY – the musical (work in progress) Visit website

and.... who knows what next?
last update: May 2014


Christmas in The Bahamas - 2008
Compilation CD (21 Bahamian Calypso Classics) available at Josephine's Treasures on Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas
Sunday Christian - 2004  see Article from Tribune November 2004 and
What's On - December 2004
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Columbus Day - 1990
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Christmas in The Bahamas - 1987
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Eric Minn’s Songs of The Bahamas - 1983
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Contact Information

Box N652, Nassau, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 323-2944  Fax: (242) 364-5520 or 
910-1210 Radom Street, Pickering, ON L1W 2Z3, Canada
Phone: (905) 839-1395 Fax: (905) 837-9319  
email:  or

Press/Picture Gallery

2004 Cacique Award for Creative Arts by Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
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Eric Minns with King Eric and His Knights (circa 1976)
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Eric and Ronnie Butler
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Eric and Peanuts Taylor
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 Eric and John Chipman

Love 97's "Hall of Fame" Expo 2003 (all photos by Peter Ramsay)

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EricMinnsExpo03trophee3.JPG (191167 bytes) EricMinnsExpo03trophee2.JPG (261249 bytes) EricMinnsExpo03Tribune.JPG (713476 bytes)
Tribune Jan 10, 2003
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 Expo 2002

 2008 Song book - Songs of the Bahamas




2007 - 2008 - Did Ya hear the one about the guy from Spanish Wells -
hundreds of the best Spanish Wells jokes you ever heard - Vol I and II


1980 first novel - Island Boy

2005 - Who killed Sir Harry? 

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